Leading Through Teams

Experience has shown me a good team helps to create a great Manager

My many years spent leading and Managing teams has given me the opportunity to understand people and their needs as individuals. People have strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are building up a new team or you are walking in to lead an existing one, if you focus on people’s strengths and assist to develop their weaknesses you are off to a good start.


Leading teams is just as much about character as it is skill

Building teams or the opportunity to lead an existing one, my number priority is to ensure I surround myself with many different characters, and never be threatened by anyone’s else’s experience (even if they may be better qualified than you). Great managers must be confident leaders and this is where the term good manager and great manager differentiate.

Balance is the key coupled with the ability to be able to look at the big picture and for each project or campaign ensure the people fit the task.

Create a culture from the start remember behaviour breeds behaviour, the leader has the responsibility of breaking cycles and changing attitudes.

Model excellence, it all starts from the top. Whatever behaviour is demonstrated by the Manager will infiltrate down the team and onto your customers, clients etc.

Create open and honest communication through regular meetings, clear structured policies and procedures and transparency.

Ensure a supportive environment, there is a clear line between managers and teams but showing a level of empathy and a consistent give and take approach will generate clear lines of communication and close gaps of uncertainty. Your team need to be able to come to you with ups or downs, one way or another it effects the business.

Understand your team’s strengths, talents and weaknesses, if you harness the strengths and talents of the individual team members you will quickly figure out who fits which task. Weakness is not a negative in fact it is an opportunity to promote growth.

Celebrate successes and show gratitude, people respond to positivity


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