More than relaxation…. Massage and the benefits.

How many times have you thought I need a massage, I have headache, I can’t sleep or I need to relax… I know I have and Yes, they are definitely some of the reasons we decide to take time out and schedule a massage.

Massage is possibly one of the oldest healing traditions, and used to treat a variety of ailments in many cultures.

Reducing muscle tension, improving circulation and maintaining muscle flexibility, massage is the use of the hands to manipulate the soft tissue of the body.

I recently spoke with Massage Therapist Shigeo who explained that the benefits of massage are far greater than just a relaxation technique and a way of winding out of a stressful week.

Shigeo believes that not only can massage be beneficial, in some cases it may also assist Improve the quality of life as a whole.

Below Shigeo shares his top 10 benefits of scheduling time for a massage.

1. Improved posture and body alignment

2. Managing and reducing muscle and skeletal pains

3. Relieve stress and anxiety

4. Reduce muscle tension

5. Enhance exercise performance

6. Improve mental relaxation and improve ability to sleep

7. Ease symptoms of depression

8. Improve the condition of osteoarthritis

9. Improve balance in older adults

10. Increase range of motion of each joint

Deep relaxation and calm are possibly immediate benefits as massage prompts the release of endorphins producing that feeling of wellbeing, but growing research suggest the health benefits of massage are on the rise.

There are many types of massage including but not limited to myotherapy, remedial, therapeutic, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, baby massage, reflexology, shiatsu and sports.

Please keep in mind the instances where massage isn’t always recommended; during the first trimester of pregnancy, if you have a skin rash, infection or cuts an if you have suspected broken bones or fractures. Speak to a profession before you decide what’s best for you…

So when are you booking your next massage?


The Blog team