Domestic Enrolment

Student recruitment is carried out in an ethical manner in accordance with Access and Equity principles. Access to a course is open to all applicant’s subject to meeting and discussing the required course criteria and fee structure.

Prospective students are invited to the school with a scheduled interview time, a tour of the school is given and then a face to face conversation is initiated discussing the following;

  • You: learning about who they are and what they are looking for in a qualification, and possible outcomes on completion
  • AISchool: who we are and what opportunities the School must offer including;
    • Courses on scope
    • Pathway opportunities
    • Delivery options
    • The prospective student’s ability to study
    • Resources including Kits
    • Orientation
    • Student rights and responsibilities
    • Course Intake dates and duration and fees
    • Payment options and plans

The prospective student is issued with application information to take home and reflect.

If the student wishes to complete the application after the interview the following process is initiated;

  • Application for enrolment is completed
  • Pre-enrolment assessment test LLN (Qualification specific) is completed
  • All relevant points of identification are acquired and copied for the application
  • Application fee is taken
  • Any other relevant application, Credit Transcripts or RPL documentation is collected and copied

The application is then accepted for processing. If the application is approved the student will be notified with a letter of offer to enrol into the Course applied for.

A letter of acceptance will need to be sent in response accepting a place in the course.

The student is then sent a Student Handbook and relevant copies of information about the enrolment, including;

  • A copy of the enrolment and relevant course brochure information
  • An invoice and payment schedule including deposit amount and date required
  • A copy of the refund policy
  • Student Handbook (to read through and return on orientation)
  • Orientation Date and time

Please note; all students under the age of 18 years are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to the Interview and all relevant documentation required by AISchool is to be co-signed by the parent or guardian.


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